The following airports are not a member, but recommended by our visitors. Of course they were contacted by us to become a member and we are waiting for a reply.






Great beaches, scuba diving, sailing, Historical trails of Forticafications across the Maltese islands ideally viewed from the air. For local assistance from other aircraft owners based in Malta please call +356 9949 7852. Hangar facilities

SLOVENJ GRADEC SLOVENIA Please check LJSG (Slovenj Gradec) in Slovenia, on the very Austrian border, friendly, on-site hotel, no landing fee, customs on request, beautiful scenery.
ALDERNEY CHANNEL ISLNDS. Alderney, the third largest of the Channel Islands invites you to travel to and discover one of the few unspoiled, peaceful, natural and totally relaxing British Isles. Imagine a little island - just one and a half miles wide and three and a half miles long with just over two thousand friendly and welcoming inhabitants
Aerodromo de Santa Cruz - Portugal Wonderful oceanic beach (Summertime) - National School for Parasailing - Gliders
Free bed and linen usually available for airmen for very short stays, at the airfield, on a case-by-case basis.