I start this website in September 2003. I had my PPL since 1991 and I was flying around in Europe for business and pleasure with single or twin-pistons.  (Commander and Seneca) Last few years I made many trips through Eastern Europe, just for pleasure. During those trips we were very often just “following the sun” and looking for nice places and nice weather. So I created for my own use a website where I could find all the information I needed for those trips and I could easily check airports – weather – notams etc. from the internet available in hotels. I wanted to have just one website with all the information relevant for those trips. Later I found out that many other people also visited this website. I decided to make it more interesting for everyone involved in General Aviation. So it became THE website for General Aviation in Europe. Many Airports, clubs, companies and organisations like the FAA, Eurocontrol and AOPA link to the site.


Since I start with the site there are already more than 9.000.000 page-loads (December 2012) with a daily average of more than 4000 unique visitors. I will try to keep it up to date, but it’s a big mess on the internet and even many airports, companies and organisations don’t keep their websites and e-mail addresses up to date, so if you see some errors or broken links, I would appreciate your feedback. If you need some information, just ask, maybe I can help. If you want to know something about my flying experience in Eastern Europe, just let me know. I went already to Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Czech Rep. – Slovakia – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Macedonia.

Kind regards

Peter - 63 - appr. 700 hrs.